Why Blogging

If you are new to blogging or want to start a blog,then this article is for you.

Blogging is a global platform where a person can share experiences,knowledge,interests,portfolio, and many things.It has given many people the power express their ideas,creativity and to setup an online business in an easy way.If you have a passion for blogging,you can make it as your full-time profession and earn money from it.

Every person in this world is unique.Everyone has their own skill set which are not possessed or have in common with others.In this age of technology getting information is very easy.There are a ton of websites on the Internet that are based on some topic or subject that might help the website readers to learn something from.

Almost any person can blog.It can be a housewife, a teacher,an employee,a banker,a lawyer to name a few.Even college students can blog.It's based upon your will whether you want to keep your knowledge classified or want to share with others.

People start blogging for various reasons.Some for passion,for earning money,for showcasing their articles,stories and achievements.

If you start blogging with only sole purpose of earning money then let me tell you that it's not easy.To earn money through blogging,you have to monetise your blog and most importantly you need to have an adequate number of followers.Only when your website traffic is high there's a chance of getting paid by the advertising networks.

If you want to blog for long term,do it passionately.Because unless you love blogging,you will not get many readers.The fun and enthusiastic you feel while writing an article,the more interested the user will be to read it.

There are many platforms to start your own blog/website.Sites like blogger,WordPress,tumblr,typepad help you to create a blog for low cost.You can also create video blogs on YouTube.

I started blogging because I like to help people and to share what I've learned.I selected tech niche which is a generic one and there are many similar sites.So getting traffic is a bit tough.But I don't care because I'm passionate about technology and love writing it.

Always love and do whatever you like.Don't just select a niche for clicks.If you do that,you would eventually end up having no traffic and your google ranking will go down.

Be honest with your content.Do not copy content from other websites as Google's algorithm will cross check all the keywords and accordingly places the rank for the page.So,honesty is important.

Take Inspiration from bloggers who took blogging as their hobby to becoming full-time bloggers.
Bloggers such as Harsh Agarwal,Pat Flynn are some to inspire from.

Happy Blogging !!!

Thank you for reading the article.Let me know if you liked it and have any questions regarding blogging.Do share it on social media if you found it helpful.