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About Me : Kshitij Nagdeote

Hey guys,Welcome to my page :)

I'm Kshitij Nagdeote from Insynout and I am a man who is passionate about technology,gadgets and writing.

If you love technology updates,product reviews,coding and to try and discover a lot more interesting stuff this site is definitely for you.

I am currently pursuing My Bachelor's Degree in Computer science from NMIMS University.Computers and technology being my passion since childhood,I love to learn many new things and share'em as I discover .Through Insynout,I'll share my ideas that I've learned ( Learning still !!) and experienced.On my site you can read about tech,gadgets,product reviews.etc

I am an ordinary guy who likes to meet new people,learning new things and likes to live a simple life.
My hobbies include coding,listening music and designing.I love driving and travelling.

This is my very first blog and I'm new to this.But eventually I'll get to learn more and post articles that I wish in some way would be useful to my readers.

Also I can help you with your errors and issues with your tech related issues.Please do follow me via Social media so that I can answer your questions and respond you better.

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